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  1. Upcoming Shows & Events
    Upcoming Shows & Events
    Schedule of Arts and Crafts Events that we will be attending. This is for the Fall 2015 through 2016. We hope that you will visit us at these events and check out all the other vendors with their goods of craft items.




The launch of WoodBee Home Decor, in August of 2014, caught the interest of many discriminating shoppers.  The past three years we chose to focus on one particular Theme:  Handmade Quality Hardwood Cutting Boards. For our cheese lovers: Our collection of beautiful Cheese Slicing Boards that will not only look great sitting on your kitchen counter but also slice your favorite cheese as thick or thin as you like. Easy cleaning and made to last.

We also make our very own conditioner for cutting boards. You will also find many other uses: rejuvenate your wood utensils,  bowls, antiques and many other household items. its food contact safe, fragrance-free, and 100% organic.  Give it a try and add years to the life of your fine woods.

After spending many years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, I feel compelled to make cutting boards that are exceptionally durable for everyday use and can be displayed as decorative art.  We use the finest quality hardwoods from around the world, supplied by sources committed to preserving sustainable forest resources.
Please enjoy looking through our gallery of cutting boards.  If you see something that interests you, or are considering a custom cutting board, email or give me a call. This site does not have a shopping cart.
We hope that you will be able to visit us at any of our upcoming shows.   We offer our handcrafted cutting boards at art & craft shows & fairs featuring many artisans from the midwest.  We encourage our customers to see, feel and touch.  Please contact me with any questions. through this site or our blog.
All in stock items are for sale.  We will ship anywhere.  Because our boards are all individually handcrafted some slight variation from the picture shown in the gallery is to be expected.   A photo of the finished product will be sent for approval prior to shipping.  Custom cutting boards for your home or outdoor BBQ competitions.
Call Ken for a free quote.
 We stand behind our craftsmanship.
We are proud to say, Made in the USA!
Thank you for your interest in WoodBee Home Decor!

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