I've been a wood dabbler since the age of 9. Brought up in Brooklyn, New York for the first 18 years of my life. I clearly remember my first encounter with wood working. I scavenged scrap lumber from wherever I could find it. (New construction sites were a gold mine for scrap wood.) I "borrowed" some nessessary tools from my dad's sacred tool box and with other scavenged parts I built a Go Cart. Those were the days! I was so excited to see something that I had made. From that point forward-it was history. A hobby has begun!
For many years I've built many projects for my own use. I always wished that I could have my own wood business where I could smell the wood all day long and get rewarding satisfaction of creation. It finally happened for me at the age of 61. Thanks to losing my job as a purchasing manager for a manufacturing firm, I decided to finally do what I wanted to do-and that was woodworking.
Now here I am 2 years later, loving it. Took 51 years but, I never forgot that first experience, making my Go-Cart. Never won any races, but in the long-run, I was a winner.
I now focus on creating handcrafted, hardwood cutting boards. It has become my artwork and my passion. I so enjoy the look on peoples faces when they see my display and say, " Those cutting boards are beautiful. Almost too beautiful to use."
Thanks to all the Family and friends in my life that believed in me and have shown me support through this transition.
Thank you for letting me share
So why should you consider one of my cutting boards?
  • Quality hardwoods
  • My suppliers are committed to sustainable resources
  • Each cutting board is unique and handcrafted
  • Many different sizes to suit you specific needs
  • Custom boards available
  • Each board made with love (Cri de coeur)
With proper care, cutting boards should last a lifetime, and passed down to your children's children for them to use and share. (See our Care page)