Cutting Board Care and Maintainance

All WoodBee cutting boards are designed using natural hardwoods for maximum durability and beauty. Created for the discerning home and professional chef, each board is unique individually hand-crafted. At WoodBee, our aim is to provide exceptional cutting boards that can remain beautiful for a lifetime with proper care.

Each WoodBee cutting board is finished with at least two hand-rubbed coats of our own special C.E. Frog brand cutting board oil. A top coat of our own cutting board conditioner insures easy maintenance and preservation.
We recommend our own C.E. Frog brand Cutting Board Oil and Conditioner for all your wood bowls, utensils, cutting boards and hardwood surfaces that have direct or indirect contact with food.
Our oils and conditioners are made using only the finest natural FDA approved, food safe ingredients. No chemicals, no coloring, no fragrance and no chemicals.
This product is safe for all wood surfaces and works with any type of finish. Safe enough for your most treasured woods.

WoodBee​ Oils & Conditioners

WoodBee Oil Ingredients:
High quality mineral oil, infused with vitamin E
4 oz. Bottles $5.99 or 8 oz. Bottles $10.99
WoodBee Conditioner Ingredients:
Mineral Oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, vitamin E
All ingredients are food grade.
No added chemicals, fragrance or color
Larger quantities available
 Wash with dish-washing detergent and hot water, rinse. In addition  a chlorine bleach sanitizing solution may be used. Allow to air-dry.
This is especially important after contact with raw meats and vegetables. (See receipe for sanitizer below)
Do not submerge board or soak overnight. Do not wash in a dish washing machine. This may cause premature drying and splitting. Treat your cutting boards as you would any fine furniture.
Reduce cutting board odors by rubbing with halved lemons and then rinsing with cold water.
Sanitizing Solution
To sanitize hardwood cutting boards and other food surfaces, use approximately 2 tablespoons of Regular Chlorine Bleach per gallon of water to create a sanitizing solution. (We recomend having a spray bottle available to  keep this saniitzing solution handy)
Conditioning regularly with WoodBee Cutting Board Conditioner will help preserve your hardwood cutting board & keep it looking like new.
With a paper towel, soft cloth or your fingers, rub the cutting board with a small amount of conditioner on all sides. Allow 20 minutes for the conditioner to be absorbed (Overnight works best) then wipe off any excess and lightly buff to bring back it's original luster.
If you have a very dry board you will benefit by first applying 1 or 2 coats of WoodBee Cutting Board Oil on all sides. Allowing it to soak in for 20 minutes, followed by WoodBee Conditioner.
Use of cooking oils or butter to condition your boards is not recommended. This may cause the board to become rancid and unsafe.